Ten Fun Facts about Goblins

  1. Horse Hatred: Goblins exceed at riding a variety of animals- except horses. They hate everything to do with horses as much as they are afraid of being stepped on by a horse.

  2. Dog Hatred: To start- any goblin will insist that goblin dogs, wolves, and wargs are NOT dogs. Goblins hate plain old dogs almost as much as they do horses, and the feeling is mutual.

  3. Goblins Love Junk: Goblins are quite adept at fashioning a wide variety of armor and weapons from trash. Thus, try to avoid garbage pits, gutters, and sewers. Goblins love to kill people with the things they throw away, though this isn't to say goblins understand the concept of irony.

  4. Goblins Love to Sing: No one can deny that goblin song lyrics have a morbid catchiness to them, but don't expect to hear them in the local tavern.

  5. Goblins are Sneaky: Their small stature and unnerving ability to go silent makes goblins excellent sneaks able to hide almost anywhere- barrels, stacks of firewood, under logs, in ovens…

  6. Goblins are Slightly Insane: See above fun fact- ovens are not very good places to hide.

  7. Gluttonous Goblins: Despite their size, goblins will eat nearly a dozen meals a day if they are able to.

  8. Pesky Pyromaniacs: Goblins love to burn things, though they are generally careful about fires in their own homes. The same cannot be said about the homes of others.

  9. Big Headed: Not in the ego sense- their wide heads sometimes lead to them getting stuck in cramped areas.

  10. Goblins do not Write: Believing that writing steals your soul- goblins favor pictures to tell stories of their various exploits.

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