Jandar Garen

Probably Insane and Socially Insecure Spellsword


Jandar Garen hails from the fair lands of Kyonin, born to Toross and Lyra Garen. Toross spent much of his life as a member of the wizard council for Iadara, while Lyra was a painter who taught Jandar. Jandar was never very sociable, and he often was bullied by the other elves for not pursuing the same art and high conversation that most other elves his age did.

When he reached the appropriate age, Jandar requested of his mother and father to go to the Acadamae. While he enjoyed the green jewel of a city that Iadara offered, he wanted more in life. His father approved and sent him to the Acadamae. After two years of study, both of his parents wanted to remind him of his homeland and also reward him for good grades. They sent him his grandfather’s sword, the one Jandar had always dreamed of getting to wield one day. Forged from Cold Iron, Jadar began to practice with the sword religiously in his free time.

One day, about a year more of magic college and practicing with the sword, Jandar felt an odd feeling. He suddenly felt compelled to make a long travel to the town of Sandpoint. As to why, he was unsure. That night, Jandar collected some adventuring gear and set out, without a passing word to his father or his professors. Jandar made the long journey, knowing the path he walked was very important.

Jandar Garen

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